February 12th, 2011



Morire, an alternate universe, multifandom Role Play

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the Mafia? The price you pay to gain power, the feeling you get from seeing someone beg for forgiveness?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if, with a single bullet, you could rise to the top of your family?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you shot yourself in the head, but you didn't die?

Now, you have the power to do that and more, should you choose this fate. It will be bloody, though, so be careful of the Families you choose to create. After all, trust sits right beside betrayal.

Welcome to Morire.

Years ago, an Old Sicilian Family named Mendolia decided to experiment in ways to better themselves. They wanted to prove they were the best and top Family, so naturally, they could only decide on making the best weapons. During the experiments, something went awry, and it made for a strange development in the Mendolia's favor, in the form of a bullet. By installing this item into a gun (dubbed a perforare), they found they could draw out the inner abilities of certain people. The people they found that could use the perforare were immediately asked to join the mafia (and not by choice).

Years later, the numbers of people able to use these guns and bullets have increased, and now the mafia Families are spilling blood to get these weapons to see if they can get the title of the leading mafia Family. However, only certain bullets are compatible with the person who uses them, as their abilities are specific to the person. So, if someone shot themselves with the perforare bullet that wasn't made for them, it would be like a regular bullet and kill them.

The wars take place in certain cities and towns in Sicily, Palermo being the northernmost part affected. However, the most noticeable battle is between the Palermi and the Mendolia, which is over the control of Vizzini. The Families, which are mostly established by the players, may be located in the surrounding cities.

Children kidnapped, families torn apart, and people are killed for just being innocent. What bullets will you fight with? Moreover, which Family will you choose?

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